In the sphere of haute horology, BONIA’s collaboration with Nayeon is a celebration of timeless elegance. While her enchanting styles make headlines, it’s not just her ensemble, but her accessories too.

Let’s uncover her exquisite aesthetic with the all-new Serafina collection together:

Graceful Aesthetic

A masterpiece of design and classic elements, the Serafina collection meshes modern sensibilities with class. Offering a stainless steel casing with a polished finish, the Serafina Stainless Steel Women’s Watch is a blend of luxury while staying true to refined simplicity.

The Serafina also features details that exude a sense of romance and bliss. With the refined La Luna monogram etched into its bracelet, it’s a piece worth pairing with casuals or more sophisticated looks.

Radiant Hue Selection

Drawing inspiration from Nayeon and her playful charm, the Serafina collection reflects. Available in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Brown, and Green, each one imbues a mood that fits Sunday brunch or just a chill evening with your favourite people.

Fashion is all about expressing your unique style while switching things up from the norm. That’s why the Serafina was designed to encapsulate luxury in multiple colourways. Nayeon herself loves styling her accessories to match her mood.

At BONIA, we believe in creating fashion pieces that reflect a lifestyle of timeless and reimagined classics. After all, a timepiece like this goes beyond telling time, it tells a story of elegance and class unlike any other.

Discover the Serafina collection as other Nayeon-inspired styles at today.

July 09, 2024 — Bonia Online