The world is filled with sought-after styles and handbags that shape our signature looks and fashion identity. Safe to say that finding a stylish yet functional bag is essential.

So, let’s look at some coveted bags that are loved by our esteemed trendsetters and learn how they’ve paired them with their wardrobe staples.

Firstly, there’s channelling cosy chic vibes with her ensemble featuring our [Nayeon by BONIA] Celeste Small Tote Bag in delightful Light Pink.

Paired with a comfy sweater and checkered mini, she exudes effortless charm with this fashionable tote. Perfect for casual days or evening strolls, its feminine flair proves that sophistication knows no bounds.

We’re also drawn to the stylish allure of @tijananikolic showcasing her denim favourites and the [Nayeon by BONIA] Nicola Small Crossbody Bag in Lime.

Her entire look focuses on easy and carefree casuals that fit the Nicola design seamlessly. Safe to say, when it comes to sporty adventures and fun daydreams, Nicola has it in the bag.

Another BONIA favourite is a set that reflects contemporary class, we’re referring to the Vittoria set comprising the fitted vest and long pants showcased by @timeless_chicgirl.

This polished head-to-toe ensemble speaks of tailored excellence and refinement. Inspired by male pantsuits, this female form emerges as a symbol of empowerment that fits everyday classy work attire.

As we draw inspiration from these influential fashion mavens, it’s clear that BONIA’s latest collections are designed for everyday living and meet the goals of both form and function.

Check out our exclusive range of handbags, accessories, and ready-to-wear that fit your lifestyle. All these and more available at BONIA.

April 19, 2024 — Bonia Online
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