The one person we probably don’t show enough appreciation for is her — our mum. She’s been our source of support and love throughout since birth, so making Mother’s Day all about her should be a priority.

We know she holds a special place in your heart, but there’s nothing like expressing your love through a thoughtful gift. And while flowers are great, they’re just not the same as classy accessories.

Let’s explore these exclusive Mother’s Day gifts for the woman of timeless grace and chic taste.


Stylish trinkets are the gift of functionality for mum. Whether she’s running errands or meeting friends, this series of classics completes her look while elevating her very own sense of style.

From sleek card holders to versatile wallets (and tons more accessories), these fashion staples add to her overall aesthetic. Plus, they take up minimal space in her bag too.


Surprise mum with stunning essentials that match her relaxed or more formal looks. Create versatility with monogram goods  that offer multiple styling options.

Each creation tells a tale of legacy and luxury, reflecting mum’s impeccable taste in classy gifts. Plus, we think it’s about time she had an upgrade. Wouldn’t you agree?


Need something that matches mum’s personality? Our collection of opulence pieces reflects sophistication without even trying — something for her wardrobe that embodies everyday elegance.

Match her mood with rich warm tones or minimalist neutrals for a complete look of refinement. These gifts with chic details that will have her slinging over and over again.

Since Mother’s Day is around the corner, elevating your gift will definitely touch her heart.

Take your pick from our Compact Classics, Signature Monograms, or Pure Colourways collection featuring must-haves like Chrysalis Short Zipper Card Holder, the La Luna Monogram Satchel Bag, and the Domani 3 Fold Wallet amongst others.

We know it’ll be a celebration she won’t soon forget. Spoil mum a little this Mother’s Day. Discover more gifts at BONIA.COM.

May 02, 2024 — Bonia Online
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