The blend of art and fashion comes to life as the vibrant canvas of BONIA and the iconic works of Keith Haring.

Inspired by bold and energetic designs, this collection captures the essence of art while infusing timeless elegance.  

Discover this world of self-expression through contemporary and contrasting strokes coupled with timeless elegance that’s meant for everyone.  


Indulge in carefree sophistication styling the BONIA x Keith Haring collection featuring captivating canvas bags adorned with Haring’s signature motifs. From sweatshirts to sneakers, these versatile masterpieces elevate your street fashion while celebrating the artistic flair.

Each print of this exquisite line is a nod to the legacy of Haring’s fine artistry as well as BONIA’s testament to craftsmanship. Make more stylish memories exuding the look and feel of your best street styles.


For the modern gent with a penchant for art, BONIA x Keith Haring presents a stunning range of accessories and apparel that reflect ease and charm. The men’s line showcases sleek card holders to stylish slide sandals and caps — each a bold statement of individuality and style.

Understanding the tastes of the discerning urbanite, these must-haves offer a minimalist design while boasting Haring’s signature bold graphics and modern detailing. The slide sandals and cap make great additions while keeping an edge to complete the look.


This series is about embracing unity and forming creative pairings. It features matching t-shirts and crossbody bags that feed off this dimension of fascinating patterns.

Whether worn or styled individually or as a set, these BONIA x Keith Haring duos embody the essence of urban sophistication while staying true to artistic expression.


At BONIA, we believe in self-love and expressing one’s true self through the art of styling. Explore more of this exclusive collection online or at any of our stores.

May 15, 2024 — Bonia Online