Living in an era of fashion like ours today, influencers play a pivotal role in setting trends.That’s why at BONIA, we’re proud to see our collections embraced by some of the most stylish KOLs.

This season, our latest designs have been spotted on top fashionistas, blending BONIA’s elegance with their very own flair. Let’s explore how these KOLs are elevating their looks in our must-have pieces:

Playful Sophistication with Diana


First up, we have @kn.di embodying a youthful aesthetic, sporting the matching Belinda Women’s Shorts and Belinda Women’s Cardigan. Her look exudes a tasteful touch on chic yet casual ensemble for a fun day out.

This set features intricate details and a relaxed silhouette, making them a versatile choice with no compromise on style. Pair them with a cute bag and some accessories and they’re the perfect day-to-night ensemble.

Contemporary Preppy with Bianca


When it comes to styles that complement the city life, the Licia collection tops the list comprising the Licia Women’s Shorts and Licia Women’s Jacket as styled by @imfodor. Both exquisite pieces showcase Jacquard denim — an enduring material dedicated to fine motifs in fashion.

Such a polished look can only be perfected with a classy carryall. Bianca styles the exquisite Rhea Satchel Bag, a bag with an unconventional yet adorable shape. Truly, a well-put ensemble for urban escapades and everything in between.

Uptown Summer with Tatiana


Finally, there’s the ever-chic @blondtati, who showcases BONIA's timeless elegance with the Vittoria Belted Vest Dress and Nadia Monogram Satchel Bag. The Vittoria Belted Vest Dress is a masterclass in refined design. Its clean lines and sophisticated silhouette make it a perfect choice for both professional and casual settings.

Paired with the Nadia Monogram Satchel Bag, Blond Tati’s look is both polished and effortlessly stylish. The satchel bag adds a touch of luxury, making it a standout accessory.

These influential fashion icons exemplify how BONIA’s collections are designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Explore these stylish yet versatile designs at or in stores today.   

July 10, 2024 — Bonia Online
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