The Nu Transit Collection is an extension of BONIA’s goal to tastefully redefine the meaning of traditional, through timeless design that is coupled with a sense of the here and now. Celebrating traveling fashionistas all over the world, BONIA has released many collections throughout the years that capture the beauty of exploring far-off destinations in style.
As the latest collection dedicated to traveling, Nu Transit especially evokes the rapid movement of people in the transnational world. For this reason, the Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest railway line in the world, has been carefully selected to inspire the collection’s design. Connecting Moscow to Vladivostok in a journey that takes over 6 days to reach, the Trans-Siberian Express is a befitting symbol for traveling.

The elements of Nu Transit collection are, hence, influenced by the train exterior, such as the three short parallel lines generously crafted around the luggage bag. The straight lines on the front evoke the scenic image of railway tracks that act as a robust foundation for train travels, representing memories of people exploring and wandering through major cities.

Much like the gradient skies and stunning sights where we often see and seek along our journey, the collection also features dual ombre colours: white-black and blue-red. The clever play of colours is captivating, making each luggage a truly unique piece and breathing you’re travelling dreams into life.
Subtly blending in the design of the historic train which has been operating since 1916, Nu Transit is time-honoured, yet it features sleek modern exterior, crisp colour and an inspired BONIA signature. Eternally luxurious, the collection inspires business and leisure travelers alike to move in style, admiring beautiful views along the way and telling stories that matter.