If this pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we can't take the opportunity to travel for granted. In anticipation of the post-pandemic getaways we have all been planning for months on end, BONIA has unveiled a new interactive space in time of our 47th anniversary that promises to rekindle your wanderlust.
Known as B-Aeroport, the virtual pop-up invites visitors to immerse themselves in a digitally rendered airport terminal. A closer inspection of the space reveals subtle tributes to airport interiors that were prominent during the 70s mod era, which is when BONIA was founded. An in-depth look at how this space was created from scratch can also be viewed on Instagram (@boniarchives).

By clicking and exploring this space, visitors are able to peruse stylish lookbooks and quirky campaign videos from the new Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection, which is available in stores and online. Not to be missed is the fun treasure hunt involving four hidden logos with a chance to win a special BONIA prize, which is worth sharing with friends and family.
The B-Aeroport virtual pop-up is now welcoming guests until 10th October. 
Visit B-Aeroport at aeroport.bonia.com
September 16, 2021 — Bonia Online