Ever since the release of our first-ever scarves collection at BONIA, these woven artworks have quickly embedded themselves in our permanent catalogue. Crafted from silk satin and chiffon, their beauty is matched only by utmost comfort and breathability. Beyond quality, each piece displays a unique pattern, from floral details to abstract motifs. 


Read on to discover the four highlights of BONIA’s scarves collection so far.


In a collaboration with Malaysian artist Szeyan, better known as Barbarian Flower, we created a silk masterpiece. With every inch of its facade brimming with hand-drawn illustrations, it’s easy to get lost in the rainforest of Floreale.


Among the entire selection, Umi is the most understated and minimal piece. Finished in two glistening shades of forest green, the only pop of bright colour is the BONIA x Scha signature in the corner. Curated by Scha Alyahya herself, Umi makes for a perfect daily adornment.


For loyal fans of BONIA’s signature look. Evelina’s matte surface is decorated with a woven interpretation of the classic house monogram. Available in three lush colours, this silk masterpiece is bound to complement a range of outfits.


Enclosed within the border of Guila Matte is a glorious pattern that resembles a contemporary painting. Gold and blue belts entwined around each other from all four corners. At the very centre is the Neu B logo blossoming forth from a flower – a symbol of BONIA’s continual growth.

View the full collection of BONIA scarves here.

July 15, 2021 — Bonia Online