Following the launch of its new La Luna logo and monogram, BONIA has launched a special La Luna Monogram campaign with 10 of Malaysia’s most stylish icons.

Inspired by the retro edginess of petrol stations and the dramatic juxtaposition of equestrian flair, the campaign challenges the perception of time and reality in a refreshingly modern yet disruptive way.

The campaign stars fashion mavens Alvin Chong, Chang Yong, Christinna Kuan, Daiyan Trisha, Eyka Farhana, Jovane Phang, Marion Caunter, May Ho, Sharifah Rose and Zahirah Macwilson; together with signature pieces from the La Luna collection, such as the special edition Sonia Bag and Sling Bag, with a range of lifestyle products and footwear.

The new La Luna monogram is inspired by the moon's changing phases, as well as the house's long history of intertwining heritage, artisanship and the contemporary movement in fashion. A symbol of BONIA’s recent rebranding journey, the harmonious infinity shape encapsulates the brand’s stories, its legacy of craftsmanship and its never-ending fighting spirit.

The Autumn/Winter 2022 La Luna Collection is now available in stores and online. Shop the collection here.

November 16, 2022 — Bonia Online
Tags: Trendy