Our attire speaks volumes, it's the first impression that portrays our personality and confidence. Formal wear or office look can be tricky sometimes, we want to avoid overdressing but not too casual. So the goal is to strike the ideal balance between sophistication and stylishness from head to toe. 

Here are the newest additions of BONIA’s Ready-to-Wear Collection that help to answer the daily question of "What to wear to work today?".

Women's Ready-to-Wear   

Tailored perfection — the Orina blazer marks sophistication with a 100% vibrant silk scarf. This designer piece can also be paired with the Orina Cotton-blend trousers. The trouser has a high-waisted hook and an open split at the back for a gorgeous flare.

An A-line dress is our go-to dress. Its versatile style that looks flattering on almost any body type. For example, the Nuvulo Silk Women's Dress features wide cuffs and a wing collar for a dreamy finish. A self-tie at the front and structured lines pull the entire look together and flow below the knee.

Seeing symmetry — the Lauretta Silk Women's Blouse showcases a regular fit garment with a chic wing collar and wide cuff. This piece embodies high fashion with a shell button and a stunning symmetric print.

Men's Ready-to-Wear   

Blazers can smarten up even the simplest of looks. The Dante Blazer is the epitome of understated elegance. Paired with a matching 100% silk scarf and Dante Trousers, it makes a bold statement while staying true to minimalism.

We might not be attending red-carpet events, but a smart and elegant suit is too good to be missed. The Skye Collection promises a sharp, on-point look with an in-house signature monogram and matching trousers for the class every gentleman seeks.

This regular-fit shift is the Skye Silk Men's Shirt with its signature pattern-match design. Featuring a wide cuff, this carefree throw-on is simplicity at its finest.

The new Ready-to-Wear Collection is now available at selected BONIA stores and online; click here to check out more!

November 11, 2022 — Bonia Online
Tags: Trendy