From roomy interiors to colourful pops of colour, the Gianna collection features two chic, compact, and classic bags – a trendy shoulder piece and a stunning crossbody accessory. With a wide range of colours available, we have created a guide to help you determine which pick is the right one for you.

If quietly dramatic fits in neutral or monochromatic shades are your fashion go to, our Gianna Shoulder Bag in classic black or white will complete the look, adding a touch of elegance no matter the occasion.

If you’re more into ultra feminine hues, our Gianna Shoulder Bag and Gianna Petite Shoulder Bag in Wild Rose will be sure to turn heads and build up your Barbiecore look with its bold pink colour.

If you love bright colours or looking for something daring, this Pikachu Yellow Gianna Shoulder Bag or Petite Shoulder Bag is the perfect accessory to spice up a regular look or add a touch of confidence to tackle the day.

If you’re looking for subtle carries but not ready to commit to something big, our Gianna Petite Shoulder Bag in black or digital violet will give you just the right amount of glam to your day-to-day look.

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April 20, 2023 — Bonia Online