The season of romance is upon us. Whether you’re looking for a fabulous accessory for yourself or partner; or a small stylish upgrade, our selection of V Day picks will have you feeling the love.

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(From left to right: Mirror Edition Mini Venice Satchel Bag, Mirror Edition Petite Sling Bag, Ida Mini Sling Bag, Gianna Mini Shoulder Bag) 

Romantic Carries

Already have a stunning outfit planned or wondering what to give your partner for that big date? Add a touch of elegance to your look with our lovely carries, big enough to carry your daily essentials in a variety of dreamy hues.


(From left to right: Placard Monogram 2 Fold Wallet, La Luna 2 Fold Long Wallet, Aria Short 2 Fold Wallet, Alonzo Centre Flap Cards Wallet 2) 

Holders to Keep the Love 

If you’re looking for something smaller to gift your special person, how about one of our versatile yet stylish wallets or card holders? Effortlessly chic enough for all your personals, coming in a variety of sizes and hues to suit your preference. 


(From left to right: B-Bear, Raine Water Bottle, Modulus Water Bottle, La Luna Monogram Lanyard, Zane Lanyard) 

Celebrating the Lifestyle of Love

Should bags or small leather goods not be your cup of fancy, how about a small token of love or useful accessories for your everyday moments? Our adorable B-Bear or lifestyle range will surely be a constant daily reminder of your great love story. 

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February 03, 2023 — Bonia Online
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