As Raya quickly approaches, our team of fashion experts have been excitedly planning all the ways they will be celebrating the season’s festivities with friends and family – and, of course, all of the Raya outfits! 

With that in mind, we have curated a list of our favourite bags – both modern and classic – to accessorise the perfect Raya look. And, with Mother’s Day on the horizon, what better time to get a jump start on a thoughtful gift for your mum? 

Read on to shop and explore our seasonal style guide.
Veronica Monogram Crossbody & Backpack
The Veronica collection distills the BONIA House monogram to its essence – finished to perfection with clean, sophisticated shapes and practical styling. For a spacious carry that still manages to look elegant, opt for the backpack. For a miniature stunner to carry the bare essentials, try the crossbody.
Estela Monogram Satchel

The best of both worlds, this compact satchel has two personalities – one side’s classy, the other’s sassy. The Estela’s lime green and monogram facade was crafted for an adventurous trendsetter. 

Journal Round Crossbody
The Journal Collection has already earned its place in the BONIA hall of fame. The perfectly round silhouette and black leather details make this piece a joy to carry. A versatile best-seller, the Journal Round Crossbody also makes for an ideal gift.  
Floreale Silk Scarf

What better way to celebrate the Raya season than with a luxurious scarf? Designed by the visual artist Barbarian Flower, this beautifully illustrated scarf celebrates luscious nature and new beginnings. Made from premium silk satin, the Floreale Silk Scarf was designed for optimal breathability and comfort, but also to provide a style moment that transcends the seasons.

Bikki Belted Bag

 A minimal design with maximum appeal, the Bikki Belted Bag is the epitome of "less is more". Its functional size and ultra-comfortable strap allows for a stylish and snug everyday carry.

April 26, 2021 — Bonia Online