The BONIA woman is romantic, rebellious, free and, above all, unapologetically herself. That’s why it made perfect sense to team up with Malaysian model and actress Scha Alyahya, a style icon and a true force of nature. Since her meteoric rise to stylish acclaim, BONIA has admired her down-to-earth charm and ceaseless hard work. She is a self-made woman and an inspiration to many.

Just in time for Raya season, BONIA’s designers and storytellers have closely collaborated with Scha to curate a selection of everyday essentials that aim to empower the wearer – from bags to footwear and, a new addition to the BONIA catalogue, scarves.

Curated exclusively by Scha Alyahya with BONIA’s team of designers, the collection takes cues from Scha’s personality and style, as well as the brand’s deep-rooted heritage in Italy. Each piece traces a love for Italian art and design, from figurative design influences and motifs to the collection’s elevated re-editions of BONIA’s archival classics.

The collection holds a piece of Scha herself. Having overseen their creation from beginning to end, every item in BONIA x SCHA is dear to her heart. She believes in creating objects that not only empower but can be cherished for a lifetime. In keeping with BONIA’s commitment to quality, these are objects that can be passed down for generations to come.Lensed by photographer Chee Wei, the campaign transports Scha Alyahya to the set of an imagined 90s sitcom, adorned in the collection’s key looks and the star of the show is the Adjani Shoulder Bag.


The BONIA x SCHA collection is out in stores and online now.

April 19, 2021 — Bonia Online