Sling bags combine the comfort of a backpack, the convenience of a messenger and the stylings of a classic handbag. Our archives at BONIA offer up a range of stylish slings, both traditional and modern. This July, the Archive Sale continues with selected styles at up to 50% off. Here are four sling bags to snap up before the sale ends.

Damiano Capsule

Traditional design meets innovative detail. The Damiano may be the classiest sling bag in existence. A teardrop silhouette, understated practicality and complete with luxurious golden accents.

Claire Monogram

Beauty borne from contrast. The Claire single-coloured flap is set against the coffee brown of the house monogram for a picture of perfection. To top it off, it’s small enough for an unassuming carry while spacious enough for the bare necessities.

Miley Saddle Sling

Smiling from ear to ear. There’s a reason why Miley features regularly in our journal edits – she’s a modern classic! As a sling, Miley’s curved shape and compact size make for the ultimate everyday carry.

Crossbody Sling Bag

Less is more. Sometimes the simplest of designs are the most beautiful. This stunning sling, available in four shades, adds streamlined and effortless beauty to any outfit. 

July 09, 2021 — Bonia Online