Bonia x Keith Haring

The BONIA x Keith Haring Collection is a visual celebration, offering fashion enthusiasts an opportunity to indulge in wearable masterpieces that tell a story of artistic innovation and self-expression. From vibrant patterns to bold lines and statement accessories, each piece reflects the seamless integration of Keith Haring's artistry with BONIA's dedication to timeless style.


Haring's art bursts with youthful energy through vibrant colors and playful forms, appealing to all ages.


Rooted in street culture, Haring's raw and accessible art reflects an urban edge, featuring iconic lines lines and a connection to hip-hop.


Infused with rhythm and offbeat elements, Haring's art boasts a funky, eclectic aesthetic with pop culture references.


With bold lines and socially relevant themes, Haring's art captivates viewers, inviting exploration of deeper meanings.

The BONIA x Keith Haring Collection is poised to redefine contemporary fashion, featuring a captivating array of ready-to-wear apparel, premium leather bags, and statement shoes. Drawing inspiration from Haring's distinctive style and his dedication to social activism, the collection seamlessly blends urban art with sophisticated design, creating a harmonious fusion of style and substance.

Bonia x Haring Heritage Bags

Pop Chic Apparel

Tag and Carry Pouches

StreetStrut Footwear

Urban Essentials Kit

Bags and Totes Series

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