As the 11.11 shopping spree approaches, we invite you to mark your calendars because BONIA is bringing you exclusive deals that elevate your style game.

Titled 11.11 Essentials, this November feature offers the finest handpicked essentials, reflecting functionality and class, such as the La Luna Leather Women’s Watch, Giovanna Small Crossbody Bag, and Tino Cabin Luggage. Here is what you can expect from our 11.11 Essentials lineup.

Croissant Small Crossbody Bag

Your smooth and delightful clutch-like storage for everyday styling.

Croissant Crossbody Bag

A sophisticated croissant-inspired bag that comes in Lavender or Black.

Croissant Satchel Bag

Elevate your uptown activities with this stunning lambskin-leather beauty.

AMELIA Petite Sling Bag

Celebrate year-end festivities inspired by Raya, designed by Amelia Henderson.

AMELIA Small Shoulder Bag

The lightweight and elegant companion that features a spectacular sheen.

Libera Sling Bag

Feminine yet functional carryall that inspires food and travel adventures.

Amaris Petite Crossbody Bag

Luxe elegance inspired by treasure boxes and fairy tales.

Amaris Small Crossbody Bag

A charming piece that exudes a timeless allure each time. 

Prepare yourself for the 11.11 event of the year and seize the opportunity to make these exceptional pieces yours. Get the ultimate shopping experience you truly deserve.

November 07, 2023 — Bonia Online