Travelling into the past, our designers rediscovered BONIA’s first-ever trunk collection with its unique dot away monogram. Fascinated, they brought the signature element to the present with them and gave it a contemporary twist. Embossed on nylon instead of leather, the canvas takes shape-- forming the various designs that make up the Mantra collection.

Then there’s the red- fiery, passionate and effervescent-- there is nothing like the searing hue. Irresistible to the eye and a conjurer of emotions, we made it one of the hallmarks of the Mantra collection. Applied in either small dashes or as the main colourway, we gave this online exclusive collection that extra kick for a livelier impression that will score you extra street cred.


Take your pick of three street-inspired ranges-- waist pouch, belted bag, crossbody and backpack. Finished in soft yet durable nylon with the aforementioned dot-way monogram- ever subtle, the Mantra collection is the perfect complement to the urban lifestyle.